wrist Trident (left wirst):

 “My tattoo on my wrist is my Trident Logo, it’s adapted from the Barbados flag. I’ve had to move away  from Barbados and I really miss home, so I kind of just wanted to get a tattoo that is paying homage to my  home.” You can watch a video of Shontelle getting her tattoo in ‘L.A. INK’ episode by clicking here.



Wings (back):bck

“My back tattoo was inspired by eyes and wings, I’m obsessed with them. I’ve always been majorly fascinated with them. Eyes are the truth and wings are flight, beauty and escape”




ankle  Random drawing (ankle):

“My ankle tattoo is a random drawing, I was bored in Spanish. I took my Best Friend to get a tattoo done,  that I designed for her foot, and the tattooist thought the drawing would look good on my ankle, so in a  spur of the moment impulse I decided to get it done at the same time”





Shontelle has tree piercings: nose, ears and navel


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