Basic Facts

Birth Name: Shontelle Delia Layne
Birth Date: October 4th, 1985
Birth Place: Saint-James, Barbados
Parents: Raymond and Beverley
Sisters: Rayana and Rhea (Both younger)
Education: Harrison College /
Cadet Corps at Combermere high School / University of the West Indies
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5’9 (without heels)
Favourite color : Yellow
Favourite number : 4
Zodiac sign : Libra
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Label signed to: SRP, SRC, Universal Motown, Universal Republic
Albums: 2

Random Facts

First record you ever bought? The Score, The Fugees
Favourite band? System Of A Down
Song to be played at your funeral? A Song For You, Donny Hathaway
Best album of all time? Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles
Your dream collaboration? Dead Bob Marley, living Stevie Wonder or Alicia Keys
Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Where Have You Been, Rihanna
Favourite film of all time? Fargo
Ultimate movie icon? Meryl Streep
Movie character you’d most like to play? Catwoman or Storm
Favourite movie quote? ”Now I know I have a heart, ‘cause I feel it breaking…” The Tinman, The Wizard Of Oz
Favourite movie snack? Nachos with cheese and a Diet Coke
Current favourite TV show? Family Guy or Weeds
Miscellaneous Favourite designer? Tom Ford
Favourite fashion capital? New York
Favourite restaurant in the world? Zen in Barbados
And what dish do you always order there? Chef’s sashimi selection
Favourite holiday destination? Barbados
Favourite hotel in the world? Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo
Personal motto? Make love not war
What would be your superpower if you were a superhero? The power of love and wings would be lush
Describe yourself in three words? Tall, ambitious, fun
Word or phrase you most say? It’s kind of embarrassing, but I think the word I say most might be “Dude!”
Your signature cooking dish? You’ll never taste a better omelette than mine!

Did you know?

• Shontelle used to be Rihanna‘s drill sergeant in the army cadets.
• She’s a “sharp shooter” from her time spent as a Cadet. She can operate, assemble and repair most standard issue military guns and rifles.
• She can plays drums, piano and a little bit of guitare
• She was Beyoncé ‘s opening act for her “I Am… Tour” during the British leg in 2009.
• She was chosen as an ambassador for VEET Cosmetics in 2009.
• She loves skateboard. Well, anything on wheels.
• She loves video games. Gamertag: Sholay246
• Shontelle supported Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign by filming a music video for her song ‘Battle Cry‘ which features on Barack Obama “Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement” compilation album.
• Shontelle started her debut in the Fashion industry as creative director for Cat Footwear. She has been working on two collections: Autumn/Winter 2012 and Spring/Summer 2013. She aslo was selected to be an ambassador for the brand’s Earth Movers campaign in 2011.
• Shontelle was awared Global Ambassador of Liberia at the AAW PEACE conference in 2011, by Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 2012 Nobel peace laureate and President of the Republic of Liberia.


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