Shontelle’s guest appearance on ‘The Voice’ Vietnam


Shontelle Joined The Voice (Giọng hát Việt) as an Advisor for Thu Minh. During her last trip to Vietnam, The Voice’s coach Thu Minh invited Shontelle to share professional experience and advice with her team.

“I saw some of Thu Minh’s videos and thought that we had to work together because she was so cool. I want to work in many parts of the world, with new music experiences as well. I must be very thankful to Thu Minh for this opportunity” Shontelle said enthusiastically.

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Note: It’s the second time Shontelle joins The Voice as an advisor. She had her first experience in the the Norwegian version of ‘The Voice’ in 2012, with Coach Hanne Sørvaag.

Hanne Sørvaag with Shontelle Layne. Photo: TV2


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